About the NVZ

The NVZ is the Dutch association for detergents, maintenance products and disinfectants. The NVZ represents manufacturers of household, industrial and institutional cleaning products, their ingredients and finished packaging. The mission of the NVZ is enhancing health and quality of life through sustainable cleaning products and practices. The NVZ provides members with comprehensive scientific advice on regulatory affairs. Approximately 54 companies are member. 

Established in 1948

The NVZ is founded in 1948. The association is dedicated to advancing public understanding of the safety and benefits of cleaning products, and protecting the ability of its members to formulate products that best meet consumer needs. The NVZ serves both its members and the public by developing and sharing information about industry products with the technical community, policy makers, child care and health professionals, educators, media and consumers. 

The NVZ is categorized into the following sections:

  • professional cleaningsystems
  • disinfection products
  • producers of detergents

The staff members

Most of the work of representation and services is carried out by a secretariat of five staff members. The focus of their work centres on scientific, regulatory and legislative issues. They have a constant dialogue with the Dutch and European Government (via the European association AISE) and receive advance notice of many changes which will affect the composition, labelling, advertising claims, legal status, manufacturing and distribution of the industry's products. This information is passed on to members who in turn have an opportunity through the NVZ to suggest ways in which proposals can be modified to accommodate both the regulators and industry.

In short, the NVZ:

  • represents the soap and detergents industry in the Netherlands and promotes good working practice
  • maintains an open dialogue with national and international bodies, regulatory authorities and relevant opinion formers
  • co-ordinates the views of industry and represents these to the appropriate government or international body
  • provides an information service to members on legislative developments likely to impact on their businesses through a monthly members newsletter, relevant guidance documents, members meetings, workshops and conferences 

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